Occupational Therapy with Sarah Butler


Registered with AOTI, CORU, Revenue.  

Reclaim expenses through your health insurance or tax return.


Would you like to

  • Understand why a difficult activity is hard?
  • Learn practical ways to make activities easier?
  • Be able to develop life skills?
  • Explore the things that are a priority to you?

Enquire about midweek, weekend or evening appointments.

Also available for clinicians and schools:

  • Professional supervision,
  • Caseload management workshop,
  • OT input to enhance transdisciplinary working,
  • Workshop to gain understanding of topics of OT expertise.

Occupational Therapy is a health profession that focuses on activities that are hard for a person to do.  

Occupational therapy with Sarah Butler can build skills in

  • Tying laces, doing buttons, zips or belts
  • Writing neatly or fast enough
  • Using scissors, ruler, glue
  • Using a knife and fork, opening food packets and lunch boxes
  • Cycling a bike without stabilisers
  • Learning a new activity (sport, swimming, dance, PE activities)
  • Completing private self care activities (wiping after toileting, showering and drying self, shampooing hair)
  • Brushing, tying up and plaiting hair
  • Brushing teeth
  • Organising your belongings at home, school or work, packing school bag, using a school locker
  • Learning routines 
  • Matching your energy level to the activity and environment you are in
  • Managing your emotional reactions
  • Supporting your body’s sensory needs 
  • Understanding the sensory, physical, cognitive and emotional factors underlying your abilities.  Unique to each one of us, this can help our self esteem and confidence.

A diagnosis is not a prerequisite to therapy.   If there are activities in your life causing stress, difficulty, frustration or additional time and effort, Occupational therapy sessions may help.


“It’s so simple now you say it, but I never would have thought of it”

“That makes so much sense”

“Ah, so that’s why I do that”

“We’ve seen such a change since we started doing those few things

“I understand why he’s doing things that way now”


Feedback like this lets me know my work is making a difference. 


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If you have a query or would like to schedule an appointment you can email, text or phone me on


085 7225212

This Occupational Therapy service is based in Kildangan, Co. Kildare.

Occupational therapy is classified as an essential service and so continues despite Covid restrictions on travel.

  • 10 minutes from Kildare town or Athy.
  • 15 minutes from Portarlington or Stradbally.
  • 20 minutes from Portlaoise or Newbridge.
  • 25 minutes from Carlow or Naas.
  • 45 minutes from Tullamore or Newland’s Cross.

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