Children and Parents

I offer occupational therapy for a child or adolescent who is struggling to complete some of the activities required at home or school (e.g writing, tying laces, using knife and fork, riding a bike, using scissors, building organisation and time management habits).

I work in collaboration with the child/adolescent, their parent and school staff to find strategies that can be used in the child’s home and school.

As my therapy addresses the tasks, and involves parents and teachers, people usually need to attend therapy with me less often.  Research has found that this approach results in quicker achievement of goals and in parents and teachers feeling more competent.

What’s involved in a session:

I start by discussing with you what you find hard to do. Then I assess the activities that are difficult. I observe the child/adolescent doing the activities, or (for private activities like toileting and showering) discuss how they are carried out.  When I have assessed why the activity is hard for the child/adolescent I suggest and try changes to the technique, timing and tools used when doing the activity.

In further sessions or phone support I review how the child/adolescent is progressing in the activity.  If required, different strategies may be tried and recommended, until the child/adolescent is successful at the activity. The child/adolescent and parent are involved in planning what changes they can realistically make to activities at home.

Session frequency is negotiated with the family and may vary from fortnightly to every 2 or 3 months, depending on goals and expected progress.