My background and approach

I am currently offering freelance Occupational Therapy services from my home in Kildangan, Co Kildare.  I qualified as an Occupational therapist in 2005, having studied the BSc (hons) OT at Trinity College Dublin.  Over my career I have worked in Waterford Regional Hospital, HSE Early Intervention community services in Waterford and Enable Ireland Galway.  I was in a Senior Occupational Therapist post for over seven years, before commencing private practice.

My ethos is to directly address the activity challenges of the people using my service, and to give people the knowledge and tools to help themselves.  This results in therapy that has a clear purpose with noticeable progress.

When working with children I use a ‘wrap-around’ model, sharing Occupational therapy skills and knowledge with the people who are in day to day contact with the child. When parents, teachers, grandparents and sports coaches have effective techniques and strategies the child’s progress can be supported everyday.  Using this approach children make progress on their goals quicker and so need therapy less often and for a shorter time.

Over my time working in public service I developed and facilitated these Occupational therapy interventions, that have since been adopted by staff in other health agencies and schools:

  • Therapy programme on handwriting formations, legibility and speed
  • Workshop on behaviour related to sensory processing difficulties
  • Workshop on support strategies for DCD/dyspraxia
  • Therapy programmes on Cycling, Swim and Ball skills (carried out in group or individual sessions)
  • Workshop on how to adjust the activity and supports to let a child develop their skills.

I have facilitated workshops on Caseload Management strategies with groups of clinicians from a number of agencies. I have a keen understanding of the ongoing demands of workloads and caseloads, excellent time management strategies and have attended additional training in caseload management.  In the past I have designed and implemented service delivery changes to reduce waitlists from 4 years to none.

The therapy programmes I offer continually evolve, guided by evidence, reflection and requests.  If you have a difficulty you think Occupational therapy could help with, you can contact me by email, text or phonecall

085 722 5212