My background and approach

I am currently offering private Occupational Therapy services from my home office in Kildangan, Co Kildare.

Since completing my degree, the BSc (hons) OT, at Trinity College Dublin in 2005, I have worked with people at a range of ages and stages of their lives.  I held public and voluntary sector jobs, and gained seven years’ experience in a Senior Occupational Therapist post prior to starting private practice in 2017.

I have experience working with people who have difficulty doing activities for a wide range of reasons, some who meet criteria for diagnoses and some who don’t.

My passion is to support people to understand themselves, how their bodies and minds work.  I want people to feel comfortable in themselves and content in their world. I will work with you to find solutions that fit your unique situation.  I value respect in relationships.  When I am working with someone one thing I try to facilitate is an understanding of their own, and others’, way of seeing things, and what they feel they need more of in life.  Doing this helps us build a more respectful, compassionate relationship with our self and those around us.

My reports and letters are clear and free of jargon, so people can understand and relate to them.

My suggestions are things you can do in your own life, with the resources and time you have.

I want you to have the information, strategies and confidence to be able to change the activities that matter to you.

If you have a difficulty you think Occupational therapy could help with, you can contact me by email, text or phonecall

085 722 5212

This interview of me talking about the OT work I do will give you a flavour for my style and approach.