Sessions are offered in my home office in Kildangan, Co Kildare.   Whether you attend Occupational Therapy sessions weekly, fortnightly, every couple of months or just once is determined by your preference, needs and goals.  My aim is to help you reach a stage where Occupational Therapy is no longer required.  I will work with you until you are able to complete all the activities that you want to do, or are able to understand and manage any difficulties that arise for you.

  • OT intervention session €100 per hour. Designed to meet the goals you identify, each session includes a review of the activities you are working on and a trial of changes to make when you are doing these activities at home or school or work.  A typed programme of the tips found to be effective for you is printed or emailed after session.


  • Summary report €100. This report details the reasons for attending Occupational therapy, the activities that are being worked on, the strategies that are effective for this person, the progress that has been made. If there are further interventions, referrals or supports required these will be included in the report.


  • Assessment package for child €350. This includes
  1. Two to three hours of assessment of the activities that are difficult and exploration of the reason for the difficulty.
  2. Option of phonecall or email contact with school to gain information on strengths and activity challenges there.
  3. A report on the difficulties, reasons for difficulties and suggested changes to make to improve activity performance. If additional supports in school, or onward referral to other services, are required recommendations for this will be included in the report.

Option of €500 assessment package, which includes assessment, report and two follow on therapy sessions after assessment.  This can help you follow through on the suggested changes and mean you make more improvement in the areas you choose to work on.

  • OT assessment of adult is charged at hourly rate of €100. Length of time will depend on activity to be assessed, a quote can be provided once the activity is known.


  • Phone consultation €40 per 30 minute. Phone consultations offer a chance to discuss the difficulties over the phone and receive a printed or emailed programme to target your activity changes.


  • Clinical Supervision and Caseload management consultations €100 per hour.


  • Parent/Teacher Workshops €100 per hour.


  • Travel costs for home, school or work sessions are calculated at rate of €60 per hour travel time to and from my base in Kildangan, Co. Kildare.

For queries or to schedule an appointment you can contact me by email, text or phonecall

085 722 5212